Alea Software Ltd. Web Privacy Policy

Alea Software recognizes the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of personal information. We have always been and will continue to be committed to keeping personal information accurate, secure and confidential.

This policy applies to the Alea Software website at only. To see a full version of Alea Software's privacy policy, contact our Privacy Officer using the contact information on this page.

No personal information is collected on this site

We do not use cookies on this site. No personal information is collected by Alea Software about visitors to this site.

Employment applications

If you submit a resume and any related application information to us, we trust that you consent to our collection and use of that information for the purposes of considering you for employment with Alea Software. If you provide us with references, we trust that you agree that we may contact those references for the purposes of obtaining information about you for consideration of employment with us. We will rely on any information you have provided to us as being correct. Further, if you become employed by us, we will use the information you provide to us in the course of initiating, managing and ending your employment with us.

If you are contacted by us and attend an interview for employment, we will retain your information for at least one year after any decision has been made about you. If you do not attend an interview, we will discard your information within three months.




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